The Dali of Bali?

I had a few hours to spare on Saturday so I visited the art gallery of Antonio Blanco. He is touted as the ‘Dali of Bali’…I thought his work was more like Norman Lindsay’s. Blanco made a detailed study of breasts throughout his life time. He even had a theory about why Balinese women’s breasts were perfect. Dali was not shy of breasts either but they featured in almost every painting I saw of Blanco’s.

Dali or Norman Lindsay-esque?

Ni Bawang (The Cinderella of Bali) this Dali-esque or Norman Lindsay-esque?


October 13, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. John Armstrong replied:

    If you can say that Linsday was a of the vitalist movement in art and Dali was a leading surealist whilst these are clunky categories Dali was spanish like Antonio Blanco but still I agree that he does have more in common stylistically with Norman Lindsay but more formal in compositional structure in his day the kebaya would not have been so pervasive as it is today still a good focus for pink ribbon day perhaps … any way comparisons are odius hey? and any way each artist is an individual

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