Reading Lolita in Bahasa Indonesian

Anton Kurnia

translator and writer, Anton Kurnia

Anton Kurnia is a translator. He’s translated Peter Carey’s The True History of the Kelly Gang and Nabokov’s Lolita into Bahasa Indonesian. He said that while these translations were praised, sales weren’t very high. Indonesia is often characterised as a socially conservative country so it was interesting that Lolita had been translated. One of Anton Kurnia’s own short stories is in the Ubud Bilingual Anthology of Indonesian Writing. He also wants his work to be read in the English speaking world. As do the 20 or so other writers in the anthology. It was funded by HiVOS, a Dutch NGO and it was because of their support of this project that the writers were able to come to the Ubud Writers’ Festival. I spoke to a few of them while I was there at the translation workshop run by John McGlynn, co-founder of the Lontar Foundation. This is the feature I made for the Book Show, ABC Radio National.


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